Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Listening and felting

"Can you make it in green?"

That has been our code phrase for a person at a craft show who really doesn't want to purchase an item, but they want to look and shop and maybe dream up something that is a little different.

It's not a problem, we are happy to be creative and innovative. However, at shows we are generally rushed and our attention is divided among several people. In that venue, we have to focus on the person who is looking to buy something NOW, and hope we can work with the dreamer later.

The internet has facilitated that thinking and interacting process. Now, customers from around the world can ask, "Can you make it in green?" And we can answer yes (or no) as soon as we get the e-mail.

One of our recent customer led innovations is a scroll type needle felted case for knitting needles. This customer wanted several special features - she wanted a set of 5 knitting needles, all done in different woods, with carved ends instead of beaded - and - is is possible to do cases for the knitting needles like the ones I do for the crochet hooks?

Yep, it's possible.

I was in the mood to leave this case natural and plain. I thought the natural wool colors set off the wood knitting needles nicely. I felted braided alpaca ties for the case, a wee bit of luxury. They feel really nice when tying the case shut.
- And, they are green!
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