Friday, January 07, 2011

Catching up

The trip to Colorado was great, but I have so much catching up to do!
Shawn found us a new-used fridge and in the process of changing them, we had to take down our favorite cartoon. It's now up on the new fridge. Thanks again Julia!

We fence our critters,
 but have Wifi for the computers!

I got my first of the month reports mostly finished at work (I still have one due on Monday) and so I took today off. I am cooking and prepping for the class I am teaching on Tuesday - Winter Foods. Currently I have a pot of beans with delicious ham hocks from our local butcher on the stove. I'll start a batch of corn bread in the skillet when I get done writing this. I made both yellow and white cornmeal mush for breakfast this morning and tomorrow I'll do a winter meat stew with kale from the garden. I'll do an Ozark pudding and an apple cornmeal cake tomorrow. As soon as I write down and test all my recipes, I'll share them here! It's a wee bit of a challenge to work on cooking classes, since I quit eating sugar last August, but I work around it with fruits and a wee touch of honey when I need to.

I've been spinning in the evenings this week and just washed the 5 skeins I did. I'm spinning Frappucino's kid mohair fleece right now - it is divine! Not as pretty a color as his sister's, but just a soft and fine and strong.

I've done one skein plied with space dyed soft rose, yellow and tan yarn. I did two skeins that are 100% Frap and then I did two skeins of my "basket mix" which is the rest of the mohair left in my basket after I finish spinning individual fleeces. This basket mix has Bramble's, Abra's, Fes' and Eve's fleeces in it. It's no where near as fine as kid mohair, but it is still wonderful yarn.

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