Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dr. Jill saves Demi-sheep

Demi, our lovely Havencroft Farm crossbred ewe, who grows those incredible silver tipped gray fleeces for my best Fleecyful wool rugs, went into labor last night around supper time. This is her fourth set of lambs, all sired by Dapper Dan. While we cover most health care items on our farm, this day showed how important a good vet is to the sustainability of any livestock enterprise.

By bedtime it was obvious Demi was in trouble. I checked her out-and it was beyond me. So, at 10:30 pm, we put calls out and found a wonderful young vet in Clinton. We arrived there before midnight. Dr. Jill Baird of Van Buren County Animal Clinic labored intensely with Demi for more than 2 hours and managed to save her and one of her babies- a huge white ewe lamb.

Demi and her lamb resting comfortably after surgery.
This morning Demi needed help again, and after calling our local vets, it was back to Dr. Jill. I told her I hope she likes sheep, because she's obviously our new vet. She just smiled, but she did have a glow about her (and she did take lots of pictures with her phone of little Jill lamb).

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