Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fruit Soup - you might call it a smoothie

My mom always believed in breakfast. She still does. And my dad makes the best pancakes in the world. But at least since I started school, I think I've always been in a hurry.

So, pretty much every morning since I can remember, I drink my breakfast. When I was younger, it was Carnation Instant Breakfast. As I got older, I'd throw things that were healthy - yogurt, fruit, wheat grass juice, oats - into the blender and drink it down. When I had kids, my breakfast needed a name. We call it Fruit Soup.

Fruit soup for breakfast on the deck outside my office
at the Ozark Folk Center.
My current favorite fruit soup blend is:

about 3 cups fresh goat's milk kefir
2 apples, quartered
1 cup rolled oats
1 frozen peach (there are no fresh ones right now)
1 cup cold herbal tea (usually Tension Tamer from the night before)

If I can get my hands on any berries, I throw them in, either in place of the peaches or added to the mix.
Blend all this on high for several minutes. Drink half of it for breakfast and leave the other half in the blender for tomorrow. Put the blender bowl in the fridge. Whip it up the next morning for a few minutes before you drink it.

Now "smoothies" are all the rage. A friend just shared her new smoothie recipe with me. My thought was, "that's nothing new, it's just fruit soup." Luckily, I didn't say it out loud.

Have a great morning!

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