Monday, May 07, 2012

The baby chickies have shipped

Saturday morning I had a message on my cellphone that our baby Silver Laced Wyandottes had hatched and were on their way to the post office. They should be here this morning. I called our post office at 6:15 a.m. and they said the truck doesn't arrive until 7:00.

I was expecting them tomorrow, and so agreed to be one of the river guides on the Road Scholar trip down the White River this morning. Not sure how it will all come together, but it will work out.

We haven't finished the chicken tractor yet, either. We 've had days set out to do it, and friends offering to come help and Robin and Summer gave us the wheels for it, but I always seem to forget how intense opening month is at the Ozark Folk Center. I've been putting in 50-60 hour weeks at work. Morning and evening chores and milking are still the bookends of my day and they keep me grounded. The garden is growing well. I've been able to keep it watered and keep the weeds directly away from the planted plants.

I've got a good stack of rugs woven and I've figured out some new felting techniques (including trying to felt one in the driveway - less than a stunning success.) I volunteer Sunday afternoons at the Arkansas Craft Guild Gallery and thanks to Becki Dahlstedt, the gallery is doing great. So, it's not like I've been slacking... it's just that the chicken tractor isn't finished.

But, my plan is to set the wee chickies up in the bathtub on newspapers with their heat lamp and food and water. Then we'll float the river and get the Road Scholars safely to their picnic lunch. And then, Robin and Summer are coming down the mountain from Fox and we'll all finish the chicken tractor and have a great dinner of....

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