Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seeds and hope and sleep

Despite the cold and gloomy weather, the CAAH! Seed Swap was well attended.

Yesterday started way too early. I was worried about some contract meetings and the first retail event of this new year at work. So, about 2:30 a.m. I gave up on sleep and went to work on the computer. That happens way too often lately.

Throughout the day, I saw many folks that I have missed seeing this winter. It is worrisome that many of them are not out and about due to poor health. I could relate, as health issues in our household have kept me from being out in the community. If you don't feel good, then little else matters and it affects everyone who cares about you.

"I don't have seed, would you trade for fresh eggs?" "YES!"
So, the contract meetings went smoothly, the retail setup was well covered by people whose job it was to do it and, I had a chance to go enjoy the CAAH! seed swap. This event amazes me every year. It is set up by young, college-aged people who are interested in preserving our agricultural heritage. Their energy and new eyes on issues makes me smile. I hope they can hang onto their dreams. At its root, their dream of preserving the rich diversity of food by connecting and sharing seeds is a hope for health.

Tina Marie Wilcox (R) shares herbs and seeds and inspiration.
Every year, I hear the best stories at Seed Swap. Stories about grandma's beans and grandpa's okra. Stories about preserving and eating and enjoying the hopes of a good harvest and a good year. Yesterday's rain boded well for this year's gardens. A gentleman promised me that we'd have good pasture this year. I told him I'd hold him to it.

I didn't stay long. But the energy of Seed Swap put a bright perspective on my day. I went home and finished Fiona's Fleecyful rug and started on Boo's. And last night, with the rain falling fast and hard, I got some more sleep.

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