Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boomer's babies

Gypsum nuzzles her new daughter Honey Jade, Boomer's first lamb born here,
 while her sister Demi heads out to pasture with her son, Hagrid. Gypsum and Demi are bothdaughters of our Icelandic ewe, Chalcedony. Gypsum's sire is Dapper Dan,Demi's was Homer, a CVM ram.

Finesse's daughter Halcyon, Boomer's second lamb. 

Pequena llama checks out the new baby.

Boomer is watching
in the background. Both Finesse and Gypsum are first-time moms.
They are doing incredibly well.
When we brought Boomer home, right before Christmas last year, it was pretty late to try to breed him to any ewes. But, I decide to go ahead and try to breed him to a few of my Dapper Dan daughters.

Even though it was late in the breeding season, two of the ewes settled. Sunday morning, Gypsum had a beautiful little ewe lamb that we've named Honey Jade, in keeping with her family line of rocks and minerals.

Then, Monday morning, Finesse had her own little ewe lamb, Halcyon. Finesse is the daughter of our first Jacob ewe, Thyme. She is from a very long-lived line of ewes that grow beautiful, strong, fine fleeces. I'm excited to see what Halcyon's wool looks like as she grows.

So now we're done lambing and kidding for 2012... and just look at all the great "H" names we didn't get to use - Hydrangea, Heliotrope, Hester....

While one part of me thinks we need more sheep, so that we can use up those names, the practical part of me is looking at the drought we are in and just hoping we can find hay to keep the sheep and goats we have.

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