Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day on the farm

The baby chickies are now in the chicken tractor, with their
new perches and a draft shield.

The momma and baby sheep are grazing the front yard,
though with the lack of rain the grass won't last long.
Elizabeth and her triplets are in front. Pequena is
guarding from the shade of the maple.

And I got a riding lawnmower - and a bouquet. Being able to
mow the pastures will help with reclaiming them.
 It's been a good mother's day. We finished the chicken tractor and got the chickies moved out of the bath tub and into their new home. They are growing so well. Their little wings are half feathered already.
I remembered why I like chickens while watching the little ones gobble down every moth that comes to their light. They aren't up to eating June bugs yet, but give them a week...

We did our weekly check of the sheep and goats this morning. The girls are feeding the lambs well and several are starting to get thin, so we'll add some corn back into their ration.

The pastures are getting sparse, with no rain in at least a month. We have found some fresh cut hay though.

And, as a special present, Shawn bought me a riding mower to cut the pasture grass. The sheep won't mow the "roughs" but if I mow the grass after it gets long a tough, then they love the tender grass below.

What a good mother's day!

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