Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Folk School, phones and Studio Tour

Most of my friends know that I took a job this year and it is keeping me focused and very busy.
This morning I am working on finalizing the booklet and information for our Make it a Handmade Christmas Folk School, Nov. 13-15. I have 32 teachers on contract for these classes - teaching everything from advanced blacksmithing to making a cornshuck nativity.
I'm trying to get the class descriptions and information together for each class and separate for the classes from our other two Folk Schools in March. All the while I have been picking up the overflow incoming phone calls. I am third in line on the phone tree, so I probably get 1/6 of the calls. So far today I have talked a gentleman through our website to a registration form for the October Herb Fest; helped a woman find a vet for her pet rabbit; found the price on homeschool daycamp; arranged lodging for the broom making teacher; explained numerous times that our website is in transition and some information is still missing; checked the price on cat litter in town; found out where a woman could pick up her Doc Watson Tickets; let the tour director know his group was on the way; and transfered numerous calls to their appropriate offices.
That's all in the line of "Other duties as required."
When I'm not at work, I've been getting ready for Studio Tour. This weekend, I took 9 nice rugs off the loom and started felting them, wound a new warp for the Newcomb, warped the rigid heddle with a mohair warp (what was I thinking!), wove a nice sampler on the mohair, felted the sample and began organizing fleeces. There is still way too much to do - but my folks are coming out to help with the final push for Studio Tour.
If you can make it - I'll see you there and we can catch up a bit.
Hugs, Jeanette