Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Catching up

A lot has happened, and a lot has stayed the same. 

We still have Havencroft Farm in the Ozarks. 

We still have Jacob sheep, angora goats and dairy goats. And Pequena llama.

It's still Shawn and Radha and Jen.

Jen (me) still weaves and spins, Radha and Shawn still make brooms.

My parents still join in the fun on the farm.

We bought the house next to our old farmhouse when it became available. Radha now lives in the old farmhouse. She's added her Jersey cow to the mix of critters.

The big house now has the broom studio and weaving studio and our home upstairs and will have my parents home when we have it remodeled. It has been and continues to be a very consuming job. 

It's all good, we keep moving forward. Lots of plans and hopes and dreams.

And we're still here.