Friday, October 04, 2013

My cedar blanket chest

I've always wanted a cedar blanket chest. I remember as a teen, wishing I had one for my hope chest. At some point, someone gave me a little replica of a cedar chest for a jewelry box. 

It's one of those wants that went by the wayside as the years went by. So I am still dazed and amazed and bursting with thanks for what I found when I got home from working a 13 hour day yesterday. It's the most beautiful cedar chest I have ever seen in my whole life. And it was sitting under my triloom, just for me. Really. 
Thanks Mom and Dad!
It is gorgeous natural cedar with a glossy smooth finished top the sides are dovetailed smoothly. It stands on four cute little hand turned legs. Inside it is smooth sanded, open for my wool blankets (and now shawls and yarns as I've grown up to make those things) and it has a nice little lidded box on one side for treasures. 

Mary Banker told us about the cedar chests when we visited her last week. They are made in a training program by prisoners and sold through a little store in Calico Rock. The money then goes to the prisoner's family. They will take special orders. My dad is designing a desk he wants for their new home. 

And I'm sitting on my incredibly beautiful new cedar blanket chest still feeling dazed and amazed and writing this blog post. Thank you so much.