Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Newcomb Weaver's Friend

I weave my Fleecyful Rugs on this Newcomb loom. My Aunt Jeannie found this loom when she lived in Lynn, Massachusetts many years ago. She gave it to me, well, quite some time ago, in the days before the Internet. 

So, I first set it up by trial and error. I've had it set up in several different configurations. I've taken it down moved it and reassembled it many times. Sometimes I mark the parts with masking tape to make it easier to put it back together. 

This week, I had someone message me that they had a friend who had acquired a Newcomb Weavers Friend and was attempting to assemble it. 

I said I'd be glad to take pictures of mine and how I have it set up and share them. 
I'm not saying this is the right way, but it works for me and I've woven several hundred rugs on this loom. 

If you have any questions, please either leave a comment or email me. 

And now I need to get back to weaving. 
 Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour is September 13-15, 2013. 

Thanks to the Lazy Goat String Band

Only in Mountain View...

A couple weeks ago, I was visiting with the members of the Lazy Goat String Band as they packed up after a set. The talk turned to goats. Emily Phillips is the fiddle player for this very talented group. Her mom, Christi, mentioned that they might have a few of their registered Alpine namesake goats for sale. 

Yesterday, I again visited with the group after a great set of music. Samuel Blake has a delightful new gourd banjo. I cut short my admiring the banjo to ask about the goats. (Sorry Samuel!)

Yep, they were still for sale. And I fell instantly in love when I met them. Meet Latte' and her daughter. Christi said I should let Shawn name her Isabell. 

The music of Mountain View brought me back my Alpines. I am so blessed to live here. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Herkimer's throne

I suspect Herkimer just likes the shearing stand because it is a dry place where he can relax and watch the world.

Just lately though, I've been wondering if it's his way of asking to be sheared? I'd like him the put on another few weeks growth before giving him his hair cut, and it's not very hot this summer. 

We did just shear Ishmael in my wonderful Sheep to Shawl class and I am loving spinning his fine soft kid mohair. My next Sheep to Shawl class is March 19-21, 2014 if you'd like to join us, message me for info. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Duck soup delights

This is not a post about supper or recipes. It is about the wonderful wet weather we've been having. There is water just laying all over the ground. More of that precious resource falls from the sky every day. I wish we had better ways to store this abundance for times of shortage, but for now, we'll just appreciate it. 

The sheep are enjoying their pasture between storms. We are checking the frequently for parasite issues. 

The figs, tomatoes and other fruits are splitting their skins from the abundance of water. 

The rain is dripping pink off the poke berries. 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Color inspirations

Where do I get my inspiration for my color combinations?
Join me for a rainy morning walk in the garden. 

The world is so gorgeously green this morning. I think Oz is just short for Ozarks and we live in the Emerald City.