Sunday, November 20, 2005

Changes - going with the flow

This is the season when the earth gets some rest.

Two weeks ago, I took a wonderful, golden picture of our sentinnel trees in all their fall glory. Last week, I took a sunset shot of their sillhouettes. They were stark black and naked against the setting sun. In just one week, our skyline had changed drastically.

But these changes are a normal, predictable part of the flow of the year.

We put the rams in with the ewes the first week in November. The frantic breeding, sorting and shuffling activity made feeding times pretty exciting for a week or two. But now, for the most part, everybody is bred and calmly eating and building babies. We'll see how many girls re-cycle over the next few weeks. I don't think we'll have too many, the rams were pretty active.

Other changes are unpredictable, and because of their unknown, possible consequences, they are stressful.

We are trying to make our life into our way of making a living. So many people tell us that you cannot make a living farming anymore, and certainly not farming on a small scale. But, we think we can. Combining business and farming, keeping costs down where we can, marketing our products ourselves, working hard - these and so many other pieces are woven together into what we are trying to do here on the Laffing Horse Farm.
Opportunities sometimes come along, and we have to look at them, and our commitment to this land and wonder - are we doing what is right? Is this dream we are living - and sharing with so many people - worth all the struggle?

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