Sunday, April 15, 2007

Listening to the weather

This morning I knew it was going to be a bright sunny day, even before I opened my eyes. It was early when I woke up, the sun wasn't up yet, though the light was beginning to show. I think the birds woke me up. Lots of birds, many different types of sounds, calls, chirps, cries and whistles. It was a wild morning symphony!

The last several mornings it has been cold and raining. The only sounds to greet my awakening were the horses stamping in the barn (it makes kind of a low drumming noise up here on the mountain) and the song of the cardinal. He sings every morning, silly bird, in the dogwood tree right outside of Midas' door.

And every morning, Shawn rolls over to me and says, "Would you please hit the snooze button on that bird."

But this morning, even before the light, the morning was happy, active and full of song.

I noticed the sound of the change in the weather again tonight. The sound of things warming up!

As we were working on dinner and settling in to the workshop after a busy day at the farm, I heard the frog chirrups. It has been so cold this last week, the frogs were burrowed in and hibernating. I hadn't missed their evening chorus, but I really enjoyed hearing it again! Tonight, it is warm and they are back in full voice.

Maybe Spring has returned?!


Did you ever read "My Side of the Mountain" by Jean Craighead George? It is a book for older kids. I read it once or twice in elementary school, I think, and I have never forgotten it. That book, and my memories of it have shaped much of my life. I haven't re-read it, but I have been thinking of it a lot lately. Perhaps I'll check it out when I go in to town to the library tomorrow. Maybe there is something in there I need to read?

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