Wednesday, June 20, 2007


In between packing orders, making Spirit Bells, walking the dogs and keeping Shawn and I somewhat fed, I have been weaving shawls. Ok, I've been weaving about 10 hours a day, but it seems that it is never enough. These are two of the recent weavings off the 7-foot loom.
"Jackie Blue" is the tasseled shawl above and "Midsummer Medley" is below.

This morning, I took "Shades of light and dark" off the loom and started "Champagne Dreams". Meanwhile, Shawn is making looms and carving hooks.
Summertime - and the living is busy!
Lena is 21 today (how can that be, I'm only....) If you get a chance, e-mail her a happy b-day.

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