Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gores, ruffles and crocheted evening gowns

I start helping in the craft village at the Ozark Folk Center tomorrow. I'm excited and want to get it all right. So I started researching costuming. It has been fascinating, but I still haven't answered my basic questions -
  1. What type of blouse did the Ozark pioneer women wear?
  2. What material were their buttons made out of?
  3. What colors were available in fabrics?
  4. What fibers were the fabrics made from?
  5. Were the skirts made with gores, straight A-line or ruffles?
  6. How long did they wear their skirts?
  7. What sort of head coverings were worn?
  8. What undergarments were worn under the skirts?
  9. Were embellishments, such as crochet lace collars ever worn?
  10. What were the differences between Sunday best and work clothes?

I have found many wonderful web sites on the Ozarks that I wish had more pictures.


I've taken side visits to other clothing sites. I went off on one tangent and looked at beautiful Irish crocheted laces.
lacismuseum.org/exhibit/Irish Crochet Lace.pdf

But I still can't find my answers. If any of you have ideas, please make a comment, or send me an e-mail... right now, I'm about researched out.
Maybe I'll find out the answers tomorrow, now its off to bed!

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