Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall colors

All of a sudden, it started getting cold at night. One night, a bed sheet was too hot to sleep under, the next, we needed the down quilt. I had to break out my woolies for my feet this evening. It's been 46 degrees and dark the last few mornings when I started chores.

So, I expect the trees to start changing into their fall dress colors any day now. But they haven't, yet. We are headed to Bella Vista craft show in north western Arkansas next week and I would love to see the hills in all their glory. But they haven't even started changing colors, yet.

Lena has been dyeing wool and mohair for us to sell at Bella Vista. The colors she is getting are fantastic. She just pulled the latest roving out of the roaster - and - suddenly, as she hung the hanks of roving out to dry - I had my fall colors!

Have a fantastic fall weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to reading your blog and I noticed that on the older posts the pictures don't load. I am particularly curious about the pictures from the CO renaissance show because the desciptions seem so fantastic. Is there anyway to fix this so I can have a peek?