Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lambing and kidding nights

Cricket resting by the pond, end of February, 2011
I just got finished settling Cricket and her new twins into the jug pen (a walled and roofed pen about 8x8, warm and cozy for new moms to relax and get to know their new babies and for babies to learn who is their mommy). Pictures will be on the way in a day or two. They just don't come out real well when you take them outside at 2 in the morning.
They have rather loud voices, so the neighbors checked outside at least once and now the sheep flock and the dairy goat flock think that I really ought to feed them a midnight snack, since they are all up anyway. It's nice of the angoras to sleep through it all.
Her babies this year are a splashy colored buck and a creamy white doe. The buck will be ready to head to a new home in a few days as a bottle baby. I think the little girl will be Geode, but I might think better of that by the light of day.
Beanie had her kid last night. A sweet little red doe that we named Ginger.
Our flocks have lambed and kidded mostly in the daylight for years. I don't know what's changed them this year. At least we've been blessed with good strong kids and lambs.
I hear babies crying... back out to check and then hopefully back to bed for a bit.
Got a really busy few days coming up at work and in the Guild.

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