Saturday, April 14, 2012

My weaver's desk

One of the student's in my cheesemaking class yesterday pointed out that it looked funny for me to be standing in front of them in a long skirt and apron at the same time I was trying to access information from google on my android. We had a great discussion about how it all works together in art, craft and life - blending the old and the new in all that I do. I love the big pockets of my aprons and the easy flow of my long skirts. And I love my car, refrigeration and the internet!

The best of all worlds - my loom and my laptop.

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Angela :o) said...

Lol! My family constantly says I was born in the wrong century. (Spinning/knitting/canning/etc)

I just laugh and say "Without Youtube, I wouldn't know how to do ANYthing."

Just found your blog...eager to "get to know you"

Love, Angela (central Arkansas)