Friday, February 22, 2013

My friend Maureen, the incredible Hat Lady

 My friend Maureen used to be one of my nearest neighbors when we lived in Meadowcreek. She was just three creek crossings away, about a half-mile further down the holler. Now that we live in town, I don't see her quite as much as I used to, but we stay in touch on that modern party-line, Facebook.
Maureen Brennan Skinner models one of her crocheted hats

The gorgeous hat that Maureen made out of one
of my handspun and dyed skeins of mohair,

T-rex by Maureen Brennan Skinner

Maureen is a multi-talented, creative, wonderful all-around awesome lady. (I admire her, a lot!) She's a mom and a has a career -  and right now, she focusing a lot of her creativity on crocheted hats. She runs her hat business on Facebook. Hatsy, no longer on etsy is her shop.

Maureen used to buy our yarns on a pretty regular basis when we lived down in the valley. Now it seems to be more of a challenge to connect. She'd been asking me for more yarn for about a year when we finally got it together through Facebook, and she bought a beautiful blue skein of Tillie yarn from our Common Threads online store. We still live in the same county. Life just moves so fast now a-days.

Two days later, I found these pics in my newsfeed. on Facebook. I  went to Hatsy no longer on etsy
and found many more pics of Maureen's awesome hats. I really love her Lord of the Rings dwarves hats, full beards and all!

She can take anything you can imagine wearing on your head, and make a hat out of it. A few weeks ago, she asked for ideas. We had just been to see the grandkids and Mattie loves dinosaurs. Grandpa Shawn had even made him a snow Stegosaurus. Mattie loves to pretend he's a T-rex. So, I asked Maureen to make a T-rex for Mattie.

This morning, I opened up Facebook to find these awesome pictures. They are so incredible!

Let me say, this is not a sponsored post, Maureen buys my handspun, homegrown yarn at full price and I'll pay her full price for this amazing hat and the other two that I now want to think up for Lydia and little Shawn. This is just my amazed and wholehearted endorsement of one of the most talented ladies I know. If you want to order a hat from her (and she makes lots of plain and pretty caps, too) just click on the link to her Hatsy no longer on etsy store. There are lots of pictures of hats on her page, or leave her a message with your hat idea. I do know she's trying to get 500 likes on her Facebook, and she's doing a give away when she gets there.

Now, what hat challenge can I send her next...?
T-rex on a live Anna model

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