Friday, March 15, 2013

Finally, shearing really begins

We planned to start shearing well over a month ago. But that weekend it snowed, and in spite of the all reasons, I just couldn't bear to give the girls haircuts when it was that cold. Weather and life kept getting in the way of shearing.

Demi doesn't mind being sheared. Shearing comes with back scratches!

Hocus Pocus in her new spring short coat.
But, as much as I hate the spring time change, this week it gave Lena and me the hour every evening to shear a sheep.
So, now Hocus Pocus is sheared, and Demi, and Cowslip and Greta and Basil. So far, these are all nice, big, full rug fleeces. Which is great, because I need to make rugs!
How do you shear your flock? One sheep at a time.

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