Saturday, March 03, 2007

Do it!

So many thoughts for today. Hard, physical labor, like building a barn, is a good time to let your brain go wander. Sometimes it takes a while for it to find its way back, though!

We got a lot further on the barn today than this photo shows, but my camera decided that it was much more fun to eat batteries than to take pictures.

One of the trails my brain followed as I was hauling panels was the "You're living my dream" comment that we get from so many people. That part of what this blog is for, so that you can enjoy our foolishness vicariously. However, don't just limit yourself to reading about it, get out and do some of it!

I don't mean jump out of the mainstream with both feet, like we seem to be doing, but just take a little time now and then to physically touch the stuff of your dreams.

Several people have told me that is not an option for them. One person recently e-mailed that she is disabled and lives in an apartment in New York City. She is one of the reasons that I am being more diligent in writing these updates. But, even in that situation, there is container gardening. Most of the extension services have wonderful information on how to grow herbs and vegetables in pots in your house.

If you can get out in your community, look for a local CSA or Community Supported Agriculture farm. These are local farms where you can join in and purchase a membership. You get to work on the farm and receive a share of the produce. Each farm is different. If you don't find a farm in your zip code at the link above, try a Google search for a CSA in your area.

If you have a weekend or longer bit of time that you would like to spend exploring the reality of your dreams, check out World wide opportunities on organic farms. Again, each farm is different, so look over their directory and find one that seems to fit what you are interested in learning.

Get to know your local farmers. You can find them through your local extension office, by going to the farmer's market or by doing a web search for farms in your zip code. Many farms are too busy to have people visit, but some farmers may welcome the offer of help with fence mending or ditch cleaning.

One resource for hooking up with local farmers who would welcome your help is Slow Food, USA. This group focuses on community farming and food sources.

I know there are many other resources out there, these are just a few that I know. Hopefully they will give you some ideas so that you can go from dreaming to - Do it!

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