Thursday, March 01, 2007

Modern convenience

First off, friends and family - if you recognize yourself in a story, a post or a conversation, please don't be offended. If you have questions about what I wrote, send me an e-mail and I will try to explain what I said!

Last fall, we were visiting Shawn's folks. I was helping Sherri clean up after dinner and we were having a nice chat. "What's your favorite modern convenience?" she asked.

I really didn't have to think too long.
While some parts of indoor plumbing still seem wrong to me - I love having hot running water in the house.
Showers - those indoor warm waterfalls - are pure bliss.
Being able to wash the dishes in a sink, with hot water right there, not heated on the fire - what joy!

So, why, when I know hot running water is one of my favorite things in the whole world am I choosing to live a lifestyle where it is a rare treat? Why are we trying to build a farm and homestead on 32 acres of beautiful raw land? Why is the house the last thing I want to build?

In part, because I don't want to become blase' about the simple joys in life. In part because I treasure the very foundations of life - nature, relationships and responsibility. In part because I am always pushing to find my boundaries and stretch my limits.

Maybe none of this is making any sense because after barn building all day - I really want a shower!

Our neighbors in Arkansas are so wonderful. The owner of the local saw mill is letting us haul his slab pile away, just for cleaning it up. We've hauled 3 loads in the horse trailer, probably two more will finish the pile. I think there is enough good wood there to build what will become our goat barn, but it is going to be our moving into barn.

Can't you just see the barn!

It took us more than an hour to square up the layout and mark the post holes - we seem to be great at parallelograms! We spent the rest of the afternoon digging post holes. Shawn did most of the digging. I could get them down about a foot and a half and that was it.

Tomorrow, after shipping orders and finishing our business work - we will cut and set the poles and get roof framed up. Hopefully, we'll get the other two loads of slab hauled. And, as a break, I wanted to go clean up the trash that people have thrown from their cars near the farm driveway, it is really bugging me.

Shawn says I have very funny ideas about "breaks", almost as funny as my "days off". Those are the days that I take to do my heavy production weaving. While they are important for the business, they really are days off for me, because I can focus on something I love and leave the world behind.

Well, that's enough mental pogo stick riding for tonight.

What is your favorite modern convenience?

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