Friday, May 04, 2007

Kermit - It's not easy be'in born

New born baby llamas are about the strangest looking creatures on the planet. Luckily they get cute really quick. Tomorrow I'll take some pics to show how gorgeous this new guy is!

It's not fair to the little guy to post his new born baby pictures, He was about 10-15 minutes old in this one. At this point he is soft and fluffy and he walks very well and looks quite elegant - but -

Meet Kermit!

He was born this afternoon about 1:30. He is the first cria born on Foxbriar Farm.
Of course, his mommy, Rosemary is taking excellent care of him. His older brother, Muppet, is jealous and his older sister, Pequena, is curious.
The sheep all had to come up and greet the new little guy. Like his brother, he is black and white, too much Jacob sheep influence?
Lots of other new stuff, but it's midnight and I think I hear my coach turning into a pumkin!

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