Saturday, May 05, 2007

So much, so fast, so many

Quick update, as I still have to finish packing and we want a bit of a nap before we leave for the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival at 2:00 a.m.

As promised, here is Kermit, not quite a day old, looking stunningly handsome. His favorite place is at the breakfast bar and his mum dotes on him.

The beesies are doing great, busily gathering pollen from the blackberries, which are heavy with blooms in spite of the frost that left most of the leaves half brown. The forest is a funny mix of Spring/Fall.

I got the tomatos and Basil from Sage planted, along with the carrots. Most of the garden looks good. The strawberries and the lilacs are amazing! The Vitex bushes that I planted for the bees are taking off and growing fast.

We met another local resident. A gorgeous black snake was mousing next to the sheep pen. She had either recently eaten or was ready to lay eggs. I tried to make her feel welcome and invited her to stay. She was beautiful, and any critter who lives on mice is more than welcome to take up residence on Foxbriar.

Lena got a new puppy. Gaz is a joy, we'll have pics soon. She is a German Shepherd/Black Lab cross, 8-weeks-old, big and so smart. My dogs are having fits - they are so jealous. Don't read them any Garfield cartoons, they'll box Gaz up and send her to Abu Dabi.

There is so much more to tell, but I have to go find the sides to the merchant tent...
We'll let you know how Baker Creek was when we get back on Tuesday.

One quick note - for those of you who know Bruce and Susan, give them a call, and send healing energy, they need our thoughts and prayers now. Bright Blessings, Jen

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