Friday, February 22, 2008


So much to share -
The storm recovery effort here is incredible. People rushed in with donated food, water, critter food. Neighbors helped each other with generators, furniture and firewood. People who lost houses already have a good start on new ones with donated help from the community.

We were fortunate. As one friend said - when it comes down to it, we were inconvenienced. We lost some of our barn roof, one ewe, a bit of fence, a refrigerator and freezer's worth of food , week's worth of work for both Shawn and I, power for 6 days and some of our illusions of civilization. We gained a lot of appreciation for the wonderful people of north central Arkansas and the importance of generators!

The weather after the tornado was lovely. Almost like Mother Nature's apology for her temper tantrum of Feb. 5. We went down to the grape arbor to do some clearing of brush and checking for grape vines. Shawn had not believed me when I said it was years worth of work. I think he understands now. There are big, healthy, overgrown grape plants - Great BIG grape vines.

There are trees in the middle of the rows, some with 12 inch trunks. There is cat briar and poison ivy weaving through the grapes.

But most of the poles are still there, the grape vines are mostly healthy and the view from the arbor is stunning.

So, I guess that we have another place to work and ground and grow.

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