Saturday, February 09, 2008

We're ok

Just a quick note to let everyone know - we are fine.
The tornadoes devastated the towns north and south of us, but went past us. We have water from our spring, lots of wood for heating and cooking and today we got my dad's old generator running, so we sometimes will have dial-up internet.
They say it may be as much as another week before we get power back. To those of you waiting on orders from Shawn's wood shop - our apologies! He'll be back to the workbench as soon a electricity finds its way back to our valley. They say it could be a while. I saw the work it took just to open the roads.
We are so thankful for our wonderful friends and all the men and women who have come together to help everybody. Say a prayer for those who have lost their homes and family members.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are OK. Had us worried for a bit.