Saturday, November 21, 2009

The order of things

It's been interesting to observe the order we've been moving things. Some of it is because we're moving to town, and so even if we are eventually going to donate the items to the second hand store, or the library book sale, they still have to come to town with us. However, I still find it interesting that the majority of what we have moved so far is books, book shelves and livestock supplies. And that I'm starting to feel moved in at this point!
This is the kitchen, from the living room at Haven house. I love the open great room. That way I am not isolated when cooking. I started hanging pictures the last few days. We haven't moved much furniture yet, but pictures seemed more important. I was laughing at myself when I shared that with Lena. She responded that of course pictures were important, they cut down on the echo. I must have raised that girl right - to find practical reasons for absurd actions!

Shawn has been busy filling orders, teaching classes and trying to restock his broom shop, so he hasn't had time to help with moving. That also has an effect on what has been moved, thus far. Lena and I will be sharing a studio now in what might have been called the family room. My triloom, her fibers and dyestuffs, all the remaining fleeces and my rigid heddle are all set up in there. All we're missing is the Newcomb and my diamond shelf - and about half a dozen tubs of yarn. Shawn's hoping to get a few of his friends to help him move his workshop this coming week. That's about one truckload of tools and tables and three truck loads of wood.

The one room that is coming together fairly easily is the office. While we need several more book cases in here and we are hoping to get a futon from a friend when they clear out their storage shed, it looks like this is going to be a relaxing, good working room. It has a south facing window and a wonderful view of the sheep pasture. I can see getting back to doing some serious writing in this room.
So that's the current state of moving from Meadowcreek to Haven Croft. Tomorrow, Tina Marie has offered to loan us her horse trailer. With Arjuna's help, we finished fencing the angora run and most of the horse's paddock. I worked a little on the sheep fence this morning. I think maybe, we can get most, if not all, the animals moved in the next two days and finish fencing/shelter after they are here.
I'll let you know how things are progressing.

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