Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hoop houses or waiting for g-barn

We've been here at Havencroft for a year now. In that year, we've moved ourselves, a woodworking studio, a fiber arts studio, a full farm of sheep, goats, horse, angora goats, llama, dogs and cats as well as all the associated paraphernalia for everything to the farm. We've built fences (lots of fences) and a full shop for Shawn. We've put in a driveway and parking lot (I love my parking lot). But we still don't have the finances or the time to put up a barn.

So, we built hoop houses. Using welded wire cattle panels and tarps and t-posts and two-by-fours, we put up  seven of these to provide shelter for all the critters and to be my milk barn this winter. They may need to last a few winters, but I think they will.

When we do decide where the barn(s) needs to go, and how we are going to build it, and actually get it built, then the hoop houses will revert to being fence panels. I can always use more sheep fencing.

Here's Dapper Dan, our Jacob ram, posing in front of his hoop house. My milk barn and the gorgeous crab apple tree are in the background.
Though slightly small, the hoop house even works for Fria. After all, Arabians are tent horses, aren't they?

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