Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunrise, fall and

 Dapper Dan the ram and Footloose the dairy goat buck are trying to learn how to live together. Neither of them wants to - they both want to live with their respective girls. But Dan- man has too many daughters and ladies to old to breed in his flock, and Footsie smells like a buck in rut, not something I want near my milk goats. So when Dan broke in with the sheep flock yesterday, with the help of his ladies, Lena and Shawn caught him and moved him into the high, tight, strong pen where Footsie lives.
All night long they've been chasing and scuffling and normally quiet Footsie has been complaining loudly. They haven't been fighting - if they did, we'd find other living accommodations for one of them. Rams fight by putting their heads down and charging - bucks fight by rearing up on their hind legs and crashing down on each other. The two styles don't communicate well with each other.
I just went out to start chores and the crabapple tree in the side yard is about the most beautiful tree I've ever seen. All the outside leaves are brilliant red and all the inside ones are still green. The morning sunrise is highlighting it brilliantly. I'd take a picture, but I've been so disappointed with my pictures of fall color this year. It is beautiful, like right now our neighbor's driveway is lined with blaze orange bradford pears, but it just doesn't seem to be coming across in pictures.

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