Saturday, February 11, 2012

52 Things to do with an old shirt - #2 Make a produce sleeve

This project is a great one to do in the evenings. It takes tshirt or turtleneck type shirt sleeves, a pair of scissors and a little piece of yarn. There is no sewing at all!

Lay the shirt you are repurposing out flat and
 make sure this is one that you don't want to wear any more.
For those of you who are in the process of planning your market garden, this project goes right along with it. Make a bunch of these for your customers while you are dreaming over seed catalogs this winter. Or just make a bunch for yourself and your friends to use in your own shopping.

These are easy, fun and quick to make. You can use long or short sleeves, you'll just get a different sized bag. Wash them just like you wash your tshirts.

Cut off the sleeve, following the shape of the arm hole.
 If you have any questions on this project, leave a comment or send me an email.
You'll make cuts where I've marked here. I don't mark my
shirts, but, if it help you get the hang of what we're doing
here, go right ahead. It's also a way to get kids to help.

Make the top two horizontal cut first. Make sure you leave
plenty of fabric above and to the sides of these cuts. They
are your handle and lock. They will get more stress
than the rest of the bag.

Fold the sleeve over about 2 inches from the wrist end and
make your vertical cuts through both sides of the sleeve.
Make them about 1 inch apart, as shown here.

When you've made your cuts all the way up the sleeve,
stopping about 2 inches from the first horizontal handle
cut, take a piece of string and tie it around the wrist end
of the sleeve, knotting it tight.

Turn the sleeve right side out. Go shopping!

After I fill each produce sleeve, I put the big upper loop
through the other horizontal cut, to sort of lock the bag closed.
You can hang your produce in these bags, or just use them
to transport. Cut smaller holes in some bags and larger in others.

This "52 Things to do with an old shirt" may end up being a two year project!

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