Thursday, February 23, 2012

52 things to do with an old shirt - #4 Make a handkerchief

Trim  off the seams and the hem. This turtleneck gave
me eight hankies, two produce sleeves and a dickie
to wear under my work blouses. That''ll be use #5.
This week my whole family, and half the office, went through quick head colds. I hate to imagine how many paper tissues were used in dealing with drippy noses. Now, I know all the sanitary thoughts behind disposable tissues, but how many trees are pulped just for Americans to blow their nose?

I've tried lots of different brands of tissue and have decided that my favorite thing to blow my nose with is a soft cotton knit handkerchief - as in a recycled t-shirt.

Depending on the shirt, I can get 4 to 8 nice handkerchiefs. I pick these for their feel, nice and thick and soft. I cut them about 9-inches square, just for ease of use and I do cut off all the hems and seams. I don't hem them, the edges handle washing just fine.

After use, I put them in the hamper and wash them with my regular laundry.

Not a romantic use for an old shirt, but a practical one.

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