Sunday, March 04, 2012

Putting Home back on

We checked eyes, udders and feet in both the Jacob flocks and the angora flock this morning. The routine seemed awkward. I know my old girls, but I've been away so much. The babies aren't familiar. I "know"(logical deduction-wise) which lambs go with which ewe - but I don't just "know" it. I'm not part of my flock right now.
The wonderful flower show crew.
Maybe I'm just tired. This is my first day off work since sometime in the middle of February. I just spent a week at a really fantastic conference in Austin, Texas and received accolades for my own presentations that still have me glowing. I attended several great workshops and did some networking that I think will bring benefits to my park, the Ozark Folk Center.
I got to see Tina and the garden ladies at the Arkansas Flower and Garden show in Little Rock before I left for Austin and shared a wonderful dinner with them and their friends.
Quilt Retreat went really well and yesterday's Pizza making class was good fun.
I've worked up two new recycled shirt ideas and eaten incredible Schoepf's  barbeque twice in the last week...
I'll try to catch ya'll up before I get busy :-)
But now, I'm going to go shear Demi, Cowslip and Basil. They are the next ewes due to lamb, and I really need to spend time with my flock and get grounded in being home.


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