Monday, May 21, 2012

Another reason I love chickens

Kitty and I like to watch the chickies. 

Silver laced Wyandottes are supposed to be good foragers.
The way our little babies go after left-over people food, they
are proving this to be true.
.The baby chickies are now feathered enough that they can go loose in the tractor during the day. They still need the extra warmth of their box with the heat lamp at night.
They love to flutter and fly about the coop after bugs and shadows.
The compost bucket in my kitchen has been called the "chicken bucket" for most of my life and now I remember why. I've started giving the chickies the spoiled salad, stale bread and vegi peelings. They gobble them up. I hate  to waste food, so having the chickies to make use of food that is just not quite up to human consumption makes me feel a whole lot better.

The other night before I tucked them into their box, Kitty and I spent about half an hour with our faces pressed against the chicken wire, just quietly watching chickies. I think it's amusing that I can't sit for half an hour to watch television, but I can stand and watch chickens for that long. (note the multiple closures on the chicken tractor to keep out coons, possums, kitties, foxes and...)

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