Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking in from the deck

Looking into my office (on the right) from the new Admin deck at the
Ozark Folk Center. 

Do you have an office window?
I'm blessed to have two. I feel a little guilty about it, but I do appreciate it.

And, until the Admin deck was built this at the Ozark Folk Center this winter, it was a nice, private window that nobody even saw. Suddenly, every person going to the Restaurant, or gathering with a group or looking for the bathrooms walks right by my window. I realized that and wanted to take a look at what they might see.

Here's the view looking in. The first thing you see in my stained glass bunny. My nana made it for me, back in when I was first homesteading. One year I was having so much trouble with my bunnies not breeding. She made me this bunny that would never frustrate me. It's a happy sight for me each time I see it.

The plant is a rattan vine that Shawn got me for my birthday last year. It's a little potted plant that I was going to plant next to the front porch of our house. This little vine got so happy in my office window, I've just left it there. It now frames the window in year-around greenery. Every once in a while I have to convince it to not grow into the ceiling.

My Louie spinning wheel and basket of whatever fleece I am spinning at the time is sitting right there in the little alcove between my desk and the window. Tucked down at the bottom is the sign for either the angora goat or wool sheep, depending on which critters I've brought in to be at the spinning and weaving shop this week.

Office sweet home, I think it's a nice view for folks walking by.

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