Monday, September 24, 2012

Catching up

My friend Linda Odom said she heard of this strange new idea called "a day off." She was going to try taking a day off this weekend, I hope it works for her, she's been working way too hard.
Angora goat rugby scrum. Shirts vs Skins, er, shorn vs fleeced?

I am trying it too, I didn't go anywhere near work or my office yesterday.
Chantilly Lace with her pretty face in the woods.

Instead I -
  • sheared 4 of the angora goats,
  • plied two skeins of wool/mohair blend (natural colored)
  • finally got a picture of Hagrid. His black is so black that his face always disappears in pictures.
  • edited a picture of Gizmo, (see Common Threads new profile pic)
  • started addressing the postcards to send to people who signed up at Studio Tour
  • cut and sewed the lining for the Gizmo fleece purse, now I just have to handstitch it into the purse.
  • And did some laundry and dishes and helped Lena cook beans, cornbread and kale for dinner.

It was a very good day. I like days off!

Hagrid says, "Hi!"
I hope your day was wonderful, too.

Gamma Ray's gorgeous fleece. I want to spin it NOW!

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RunningWhit said...

Hi Jeanette! Your pics make me want to have pet goats too! I love reading about their personalities! It's so entertaining.