Sunday, September 02, 2012

Time warp; space warp; wool warp

If you're looking for a rigid heddle loom warping tutorial, our Laffing Horse site has those. And yes, that is another project in the works. We are working on redoing that site.

If you're looking for a warping tutorial for a Newcomb rug loom... I haven't written one yet. Maybe somebody else has. I can tell you it takes me about 16 hours to warp it with an 8 yard warp.

This essay is about time and the how the perceived speed of it keeps increasing. I don't remember anything about that in Einstein's "Theory of Relativity", but it has been many years since I read that book.

This weekend is a holiday weekend. I work for the Ozark Folk Center State Park. Like anyone else in the tourism, hospitality, retail or foodservice industries, I know those green highlighted "holidays" on the pay calendar mean "extra long hours". It makes me wonder how any folks get the time off to come visit us. So, last night, as I was working the concession stand for the excellent Michael Martin Murphey concert, (we have Charlie Daniels Band coming the end of the month, on Sept. 21, check the web site for tickets), I realized it was September. I've given up trying to figure out where all rest of the months went.

September means I need to have all my October press releases written, like now, some are late. It means we need to have firm plans for our November events, February contracts need to be finalized and March class registrations are rolling in. I am working on a symposium for August 2013 and the 2014 calendar of events is starting to fill up. When I write it down, it's pretty obvious why time speeds by so fast.

In the meantime, back on the farm, we are starting on winter shelters, beginning to move animals into breeding groups, starting on the winter greens garden, continuing to search for hay and prepping for our fall shearing. Farm time flows at a regular pace. It still involves much planning and foresight, but it seems to move more like a wagon wheel, or a spinning wheel.

It's the difference between modern time and old time - between rural time and urban time. Every day I bend space and slip between the two time flows.

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