Monday, October 29, 2012

Gypsy Angst

I usually write this blog as "life on the farm" and it's written for my mom and dad, my aunt Jeannie, Robin and Summer and my other friends who I am terrible at keeping in touch with. I write many blog posts that need some serious editing, but I've only ever deleted one post. It was titled "Princess or Penguin?", and it is totally gone, though obviously I haven't managed to scrub it from my mental hard drive. I suspect this may be the second blog post I will delete.
The frost is getting heavy.

When I was born, "Traveling Man" by Ricky Nelson was the number one song on the Billboard charts. I was nine-days-old when I moved for the first of many, many times. I now look back on  my childhood as an amazing, wonderful, unique experience that made me the creative and adaptable person I am today. But I haven't been able figure out how to stop moving.

I have sheep who have lived in more homes than many people and my oldest sheep is only 13. My 18-year-old cat has lived in seven different houses, and a couple of shops. My daughter can't count how many places she's lived. I used to say, "I'll never move again," every time I bought a house that I loved. And I've loved many of the places that I've lived. I don't say that any more.

Oh heck, I don't do angst very well and I need to go feed the sheep.

I do really like this place we have now. It's no where near perfect, but it is the best of many worlds. It lets us garden, raise sheep and goats, share our working studios with visitors and still be right close to work - where we teach, craft and help other folks. I've built a lot in the 3 years we've been in this house and I have plans to build more. This house is cozy, old and funky. It won't qualify for conventional financing. And we have a balloon payment due.

Anybody out there have $76,000 that they want to invest at a good interest rate for 15 years?

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Jenonthefarm said...

Thanks to our local hometown bank for financing our mortgage!