Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stocking up

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We've had two hard freezes in a row now, so the garden is going to bed for the winter. The sheep are in their breeding groups and the dairy goats are starting to dry off. It's time for craft shows, indoor work and some catching up.

This mohair shawl just came off the triloom and it is divine.
Right now I'm down to doing only three shows a year, Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour; Eureka Springs Folk Festival and Christmas Showcase in Little Rock. That's way down from a high of 26. Really, my job keeps me pretty busy; pretty entertained; pretty distracted and pretty tired. But I still need to do at least a few craft shows each year.

I do shows to support my sheep; I do shows because I enjoy doing them; I do shows to keep connected with the crafts people that I know and care about; I do shows to look for new crafts people for the Ozark Folk Center Craft Village; I do shows find new homes for the things I make; and I do shows to connect to the buyers and other folks who I don't get to see any other way.

So, right now, I'm finalizing my stock for the November 3 Folk Festival Show in Eureka Springs. I seem to have stuff all over the place. I took two baskets to a demonstration at the Governor's Mansion on Monday. I have stock at the Craft Guild Gallery. I have a few baskets full in my studio and I have quite a bit of work in progress.

I try to do stock lists a week or two before a show and look for any holes to fill in. Currently I have on hand:
XX wool felt balls, undecorated @ $6.00 ea when finished
XX skeins of handspun yarn @ total of $xx.00
XX hand turned crochet hooks @ total of $xx.00
2 sets of hand turned knitting needles @ $25.00 ea
1 felted hook case, unfinished @ $25 when finished
1 felted mohair purse, unlined @ $80.00 ea when finished
3 crocheted handspun hats @ $25.00 ea
1 crocheted wool hat and scarf set @ $45.00 ea
1 crocheted mohair pouch... where is it? And should I line it? @ $25
XX finished tri-shawls @ a total of XX
XX tri-shawls in process (I want to overstitch the bamboo shawl with gold metallic, both for added elegance and to keep the twill weave from slipping) @ XX when finished
XX rectangular shawls @ XX
XX handbags in process @ XX
XX woven scarves @ a total of XX
XX finished rugs @ a total of XX

I always figure it does me no good and frustrates visitors/buyers when I don't have enough stock. People come to craft shows and studio tours to buy handmade items. I always try to have a minimum of $3,000 worth of stock to start a show and I'm happiest (and have my best shows) when I have upwards of $20,000. I don't have the time to make that much stock right now, but it is a good goal.

Mouse fleece - Mouse is our biggest sheep - rug on the Newcomb.
So, I need to quit writing this blog post and go weave... have a great day!


Desperately Seeking Gina said...

$20,000 in stock! Holy Moly that's a lot of crafting. How long does it take you to make that much?

Jenonthefarm said...

Hi. Gina, When I was crafting full time, I could weave, spin, felt and crochet that much in about 6 months. Now that I work full time, too, I can't make that many items in a year. But it doesn't stop me from pushing myself to reach that goal.