Friday, February 15, 2013

To sale or not to sale - Sale!

Every night after work and chores I've been spinning and weaving. This week I've finished a nice little Fiona rug, a Booboo wall hanging and the last two skeins of Thyme yarn.
This Mardi gras wool wrap is for sale in the Common Threads etsy store

And then in the mornings I create the listings and put these items in the Common Threads store on etsy or the link is to the left on this page in most browser.
I sell the things I make because:
1. I like to share the soft rugs, unique yarns and fun wearables with other people.
2. My customers become my friends.
3. I like to make things and I don't need to keep all this stuff.
4. I need income to buy sheep feed.

I figure my costs, both direct and indirect and the market and marketing expenses and fees and... when I set my prices. I think the ones in the store are more than fair. But, I want to get people to spread the word about my items and share them with their friends, so I can connect with the people who want my yarn for their project and who would enjoy the comfort of my rugs.

As a manager of crafts people, I discourage people from discounting the prices on their work. For all the hours they put into making one-of-a-kind items by hand, they are too cheap at any price.
But, I know people are drawn to your site/shop/store by the word "sale" or coupon.

So, at least for this weekend, starting today, because Mountain View weekends are Friday and Saturday - and going through Monday at 6:00 pm, because Monday's a holiday, I'm having a 25% off sale in my Common Threads etsy store. Just enter in the sale code FBYARN25 at check out for your 25% off. Please share this with your friends, post it on your Facebook page, etc.

If this sale brings a lot of traffic, I'm trying to map out a yarn give-away in the next few weeks. Keep tuned and send your friends to Common Threads.

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Jenonthefarm said...

I'm trying a new phone app for blogger and just typed this post on my phone. I'm thinking I won't do that very often, but its interesting to know that it can be done. I will go back and edit this post on the computer after chores or tonight.