Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Morning lessons

Sometimes we are given our lessons with a "clue-by-four" and other times we get gentle hints.

This morning I have been blessed with three easy lessons -

1. Chock your trailer tires like you mean it - even if you think the ground is flat! The two-by-four that I had under the wheel held the trailer - just - now there are cinder blocks between the wheels.

2. Modern refridgerators were not made to fit through homemade stone building doors. Hmm, still not sure where this one is going - do we build a shed for the fridge?

3. Tie panels on the the trailer one at a time - that way, when you are taking them off, you can do it by yourself without having the whole stack fall on your head!

The trailer stayed put, the fridge did not get stuck and the panels did not fall - gentle reminders to think about what I am doing.

May you be blessed with easy lessons today!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Arkansas! I hope you enjoy being here when all the turmoil has settled some. Its a great state, however you have left the winter cold for the summer heat and humidity. Even so I can't imagine living anywhere else.