Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hard decisions

Small farming is most usually wonderful. Morning and evening chores are wonderful bookends to any day. The little quirks and games of your animal friends are far more entertaining than anything that other people might see on the box in their living room.
The highlights of the year, shearing; lambing; milkers freshening are special in a way that supersedes words. The giddy joy of a lampede just has to be experienced.
But to go along with it are the hard times. Having to haul hay up to the shelters in snow that is over your boots. Loosing a treasured friend to illness is a terrible blow. And then there is the challenge of having to scrape up the money to feed everyone when your pasture situation changes.
Havencroft is much smaller than Foxbriar and smaller than the space we were allotted in Meadow Creek. It is a blessing to be so close to town, to be able to spend more time with friends and to be safer on the roads. But we really have too many animal friends for our current space.
So, we are looking for homes for the following:

Herbal Maid Fiber Farm Cappucino -

Cappy is really much better built than he looks in these pics that I took hanging over the fence. At 3-years-old he still produces a nice, heavy (6 lb.) spinnable fleece twice a year. He is purebred, but I have not gotten him inspected for registry. Out of the 6 angora does I have kept, 3 are his daughters. It really doesn't make sense to keep him.

Laffing Horse Dapper Dan -
Dan is an amazing miniature Jacob Sheep ram. He only weighs 75 lbs and he is in good flesh. His fleece is very nice, crimpy and cushiony and soft. His markings are classic Jacob. His horns have a nice curl. He is well behaved and respectful, but he is a ram. His dam Basil is a beautiful, perfect Jacob ewe. His sire, Betelgeuse  was a 4-horned ram, so he carries multi-horns.  With only 5 acres, we don't need to be breeding sheep.

Laffing Horse Bebe - Bebe is the last of the Navajo  Angora Goats. She was born in 2006. When we moved from Colorado, I sold most of my angora goat flock, bringing only a few special ones. Most of them were regular colored angora goats, but I had a few Navajo Angora Goats. Again, I never got Bebe inspected for registry. She shears a nice light oatmeal-colored fleece twice a year and is a wonderful mother to her kids, whether singles or twins. She is bigger than the rest of my angora flock and an excellent forager.
She is bred to Cappucino for early April kids.

Prices are suggested, all offers considered.

I may have some dairy goats for sale as the winter progresses. Let me know if you are interested.

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