Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet the flock - Cowslip

Cowslip was born February 14, 2003, on our Laffing Horse Farm outside of La Junta, Colorado. It was our second herb name year, two years before we went to the alphabet naming scheme.

Her mum is Corriander and her sire was Bergamont, both from the Downaire flock out of Texas.

That year, I wanted to do something special for my Aunt Jeannie, kind of a "thank you" for all the looms and yarn and support she's given me, all my life. So I sent her pictures of the ewe lambs and told her she could have one to keep in our flock. The sheep would be hers. She picked Cowslip because of the heart shaped patch on her shoulder and her matching birthday.

A fleeceyful rug from Cowslip's wool

Cowslip has twins every year. Her heart-shaped spot is
on the other side.
Cowslip grew up to be a gentle, quiet ewe. She grows a long puffy fleece each year. I wove a rug with a heart shaped spot out of Cowslip's first fleece for Jeannie. She keeps it in her bedroom. I spun Cowslip's second fleece for Jeannie to weave with. In 2006, Cowslip's fleece placed 3rd in her class at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

The last several year's I've woven rugs like the one on the left. These rugs have sold across the country and the income helps to feed the flock through the winter.

Every year Cowslip has twins. Babette and Faith were two of her exceptional daughters who went on to other Jacob breeding flocks. Because we have to keep our flock numbers down, we have not kept any of her daughters, yet. This year she is bred to Dapper Dan.

I'm glad Jeannie chose Cowslip for her sheep. She's been a wonderful ewe to have in the flock all these years - and she makes me think of Jeannie with a smile every day when I'm out feeding the sheep.

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