Friday, January 06, 2012

What if I am the "They"?

Purple, orange and gold wool wrap in progress
I'm working on a new color series on all three of my looms. It's based on some space-dyed purple yarn and radiates out from there. Several of the pieces don't even have any of that yarn in them, but they are related in that I spun, dyed, purchased or pulled from my stash with that yarn in mind. Like last winter I worked off four different blue dyes that we used in many ways on yarns and fleeces, this winter, I'm working off this purple wool.

Olive green mohair, harvest gold and rust wool shawl 

Purple, blue wool and silver  thread tri-wrap and
 purple with red wool wrap. I'm also in a light
 and lacy phase, to go with the purple.

So, when I took the three finished purple wraps in to show them off to friends, I was surprised to hear several people say, "You're always so good at picking the colors that are in style."

Hmm... really? Me? I get to pick the colors that are in style? WOW!

Ok, so I know what they meant, but I was wondering how, in my isolated life here in the Ozarks, with no tv or malls, that I even have any awareness of the colors that are popular. After some thought, I decided it is a peripheral awareness from reading magazines (other than Sheep, which is printed mostly in black and white.), paying attention to etsy and a general awareness of what visitors to town are wearing. I don't do any deliberate research.

Or maybe I AM the anonymous "They" who gets to pick the popular colors. Somebody has to.

Look out world! I have a sudden craving for green.

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