Thursday, June 28, 2012

Potato harvest

Dinner - new potatoes and onions from our garden, boiled in
milk from our goats. Best served cold the second day when
it happens to be 106 outside.

When I wrote about making my potato hoops, I warned everybody not to try it until we saw if it worked. Well, it's been a hard summer, and yet I am very happy with what the first hoop harvested. I wiggled about a dozen potatoes up earlier this week for a quick dinner of potatoes boiled in milk with onions and peas. Then Lena harvested the rest of the bed last night. We have a good 10+ pounds of red potatoes from the first of three beds. 
Washed and ready to store, and make potato salad for
dinner tomorrow night!

Right now we are working in the garden in the late evening, starting about 9:00 after chores and working for about an hour, wrapping up in the light of a flashlight. I also go work a bit in the mornings about 5:30 before I go do chores. It really is too hot to be out in the sun during the day. And it's still June!

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