Friday, June 01, 2012

Sheeps is real life

Came home after work very stressed. Management issues and worrying about potential changes had me all twisted tight. Ranted to Shawn and Lena while Lena quietly baked frozen pizza for dinner. Felt guilty - that's not food and the garden is doing well.
Worried more, email myself some ideas to present. Worried more.
Gathered up the milk pail and went out to do chores. Lena and Shawn helped treat the three sheep with "crud-head". Lena fed hay. I grained, took care of the chickies, milked and checked waters. Talked with the little lambs, checked Frannie's boy, he's a bit thin.
Came in to the house, put away a gallon plus of milk and sat down to spin more of Glitch's mohair fleece.
All is right with the world. Sheep is life.
Life is good.

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