Saturday, June 09, 2012

Start of the LHF 2012 Sheep Sales list

Hodge Podge, 2-horn, 2/2012, triplet ewe, $75.00

LHF Fiona, 2H twin ewe, 3/2010, Dapper Dan X Basil, $75.00

Frannie, 2H ewe, had twins in 2012. $75.00
 I'm starting to put together the sales list for 2012. We won't have any angora goats or dairy goats for sale this year, we sold those flocks way down this spring. We do have Jacob sheep for sale.

In addition to a few ewes and lambs, we have some older fiber wethers who could go to a good fiber home for a very reasonable price. These boys are pets and they are used to being fussed over, but with hay being such an issue this year, we are looking at further reducing the flock size.

Leave a comment here to contact me, or call or email if you are interested in any of these sheep, or any others we might have for sale. I'll be working on listings the next several weeks. The sheep listed here are ready to go to new homes now.
Frannie's 2012 2H wether, $75.00

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