Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 ways to prevent conference fatigue

I'm at the end of two back-to-back, intense three-day conferences. I am tired. Just one more day left and I can relax, or do laundry and dishes before heading back to work on Tuesday. I do quite a few conferences every year, and present at many of them. I've developed some strategies to stay alert and keep my strength up and stay healthy.

1. Figure out what time of day your best business is done at the conference, and be there, but forego times that don't work for you. For example, I am a morning person. I can visit with people over coffee in the morning and shine at the morning sessions. I do good business during morning breaks and at lunch. But except for obligatory evening events, I go back to my room at night, to organize, unwind and relax.

2. Take what you need with you to sleep. If it's your own pillow, a scent you spray on the hotel pillows, melatonin or an eye cover. Good sleep is a priority to staying alert the next day and coming home healthy.

3. Eat as best you can. Request whole grains and green lettuces. Look for fresh fruit for breakfast. You know what keeps your body happy at home. Do your best to eat it at conferences.

4. Bring your own tea or coffee. Then you'll have the morning wake-up you are accustomed to and your whole day will be easier.

5. Take an mid-day break to refresh and regroup. If you can, go for a walk, go swim or go to the hotel workout room. Then take a quick shower and get back to networking.

6. Wear good shoes. Nothing will wear you out faster than sore feet.

7. Take your vitamins. I double up on mine at a conference, especially the vitamin B. I used to not even take them with me, but now I rely on them to support me while I am pushing physical boundaries at a conference.

These are the things I've learned to do to get the most out of conferences. Then I can come home and organized all the good things I've learned and get back to the business of making my world a better place.

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