Monday, August 27, 2012

Countdown to Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour

Boot party at Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged,
thanks to Country Outfitter
I took today off, mostly.

I did clean out the fridge. And I did the dishes, both from the second Yarnell's ice cream social at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged (AWBU) and from not being home for a week. And I unpacked and did my laundry from two conventions, and Shawn's from being home on the farm.

I am making a really good vegetable soup with garlic bread for dinner.

But mostly, today, I read a book.

Need to wind a warp that I have skeined and dyed. Six hours winding
16 hours warping, two hours weaving. 24 hours before being ready for
Studio tour on this loom.

Lisa Brochu and Tim Merriman, who I had the pleasure to take an interpreter training workshop from last August, have written several books. At the class, I got a copy of their book, "The Leopard Tree." I started reading it then, but the workshop was intense. One of the other attendees was headed out of country and she really wanted to read the book, so I gave it to her. But I didn't forget it.

This past weekend, while I was caught up in the whirlwind of the AWBU, I saw that Lisa and Tim had their book for free download on Amazon, just for the weekend. So, I joined the thousands of people who added it to their kindle lists. It's not a long book, only 185 pages of adventure. I can see Lisa shining through the story. In between everything else today I read up through chapter 10. I might finish it yet tonight.

But I have a few things I need to catch up on, before I finish the book. I need to haul grain around from the car, and finish retarping the hay stack. I need to get some paperwork organized for work tomorrow. I need to put clean sheets on the bed. I need to figure out how many days I have until to finish what projects before Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour and I haven't written today's blog post yet. So, I'll combine the two.
These are the items I really need to finish before tour. There are some other things I want to work on, but finishing these comes first.

Studio Tour is Sept. 14-16. Today is August 27. Good thing August has 31 days. Four, plus 13 equals 17 days or 408 hours. I'll be at work for at least 100 of those hours and I should sleep 136. I'll do farm chores a minimum of 34 hours in those 17 days.

Handspun, woven and felted Gizmo mohair purse,
edged with recycled sari silk yarn. Two hours to
sew in lining to finish.

408-270=138 hours left to eat, brush my teeth and weave. There's only 43 hours worth of projects on this page, I have plenty of time left.

Wait... I've committed to write a blog post daily, too. It's gonna be a busy two weeks.

And looking at the pictures on this page, I did learn how to improve my photography with my Iphone in the AWBU workshop. But, I don't think the "focusing on the point of your blog" workshop helped at all.

Oh, and if you ever think I should add something or want to request something, or just want to say "Hi", feel free to leave a comment here on my blog. I do moderate them, but I'll see it and get it published within a day or so.

On to eat vegi soup.

Green handpainted wool shawl with recycled sari silk
highlighted. Six hours weaving left, 1 hour finishing
with no fringe. Seven hours before Tour.

Wool shawl suggested/requested by Colleen. About half woven, another 8-10
hours to finish, before tour.

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