Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Newcomb Weaver's Friend

I weave my Fleecyful Rugs on this Newcomb loom. My Aunt Jeannie found this loom when she lived in Lynn, Massachusetts many years ago. She gave it to me, well, quite some time ago, in the days before the Internet. 

So, I first set it up by trial and error. I've had it set up in several different configurations. I've taken it down moved it and reassembled it many times. Sometimes I mark the parts with masking tape to make it easier to put it back together. 

This week, I had someone message me that they had a friend who had acquired a Newcomb Weavers Friend and was attempting to assemble it. 

I said I'd be glad to take pictures of mine and how I have it set up and share them. 
I'm not saying this is the right way, but it works for me and I've woven several hundred rugs on this loom. 

If you have any questions, please either leave a comment or email me. 

And now I need to get back to weaving. 
 Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour is September 13-15, 2013. 

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Anonymous said...

I have recently (2 wks ago) purchased a Weavers Friend like yours. Actually I bought a pile of parts in a garage where they were liquidating an estate. All the parts were there and except for being slightly dusty and rusty were in remarkably good condition. I've been assembling old looms for 30+ years so I didn't have much trouble getting it together. I noticed in your photo that the treadle mounts are empty. What are you doing for treadles? I assume that the number stamped in the beater is a serial number but I haven't been able to get any idea of the actual age of the loom. Have you?
Ed Watts